Plantation Town Apartments, LLC


Kazu Yato, AIA & Associates


Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc.


Waipahu, Hawaii


This project is designed to provide 330 fee-simple condominiums of affordable housing in two 12-story buildings. The towers are identical in configuration, with a floor area of approximately 115,000 sq. ft. per building. The structural system includes concrete load bearing walls supporting a post-tensioned concrete floor slab. The project also includes a stand-along recreation building.

Client Benefits

Budget was a primary concern due to the nature of the project as affordable housing, and we were focused on designing a structure that was within stringent budget constraints. The team worked closely with the contractor to develop design options that would allow them to determine the most economical solution.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

One project requirement was high durability and reduced sound attenuation between units. By configuring structural walls that can provide the required vertical and lateral structural support within unit separations, the desired durability and sound deadening could be achieved as well. The resulting system ultimately serviced multiple functions. Additional efficiency was achieved through the use of a hybrid one-way post-tensioned floor system spanning between the load earing concrete walls.