This $58 million competitively awarded design-build project includes two facilities: a 72,000 SF, 120-person, five-story Warriors in Transition Barracks and a 42,000 SF, four- story Warriors in Transition Complex. A central plant was also included in the scope of work. BASE’s services included structural engineer of record, AT/FP consultant, special inspections and construction quality control. The barracks consists of cast-in-place concrete construction and the complex is structural steel with composite concrete topping and cold-formed steel roof trusses. Both buildings use Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for the exterior walls, which provide enhanced thermal, security and structural performance compared to other building materials. Design to resist progressive collapse was required and achieved through the use of the tie force method with enhanced local resistance for both buildings.

The project also had a very aggressive schedule and we worked closely with the contractor, ICF consultant and concrete supplier to produce a final design that not only met all applicable codes, but was efficient to construct, especially considering the constraints of the ICF system.