AAFB Guam Maintenance Hangar – STRUCTURE Magazine

Guam is a remote island in Micronesia that is regularly pummeled by strong typhoons, is susceptible to strong earthquakes and is located in a highly corrosive tropical environment. The AAFB Guam Maintenance hangar is designed to resist typhoon winds of 190 mph and high seismic accelerations.  In addition to the environmental challenges, the selected structural… Read More

Associate Mark Hirschi Named 2021 Rising Star in AEC

BASE Associate Mark Hirschi was named a Rising Star in the AEC industry by Civil + Structural Engineer magazine.  Mark is an outstanding engineer who has worked on many of BASE’s notable projects and is a key leader in our Chicago office.

The Tsubaki Tower – STRUCTURE Magazine

For the design of the Tsubaki Tower in Guam, spectral accelerations were similar in intensity to Los Angeles and the island nation is situated in “Typhoon Alley.” With the highest frequency of tropical cyclones on earth, wind loads exceeded design seismic loads by far.

Maui ConRAC – STRUCTURE Magazine

The new $340 million Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) facility at Kahului Airport is part of an ambitious airport modernization program with the goal of upgrading the state’s airports to increase operational efficiency and improve the traveler experience.