Structural Engineering Services

At BASE, we’re a leading structural engineering firm with a special expertise in mitigating risk in projects. Whether a building must withstand the stress of high seismic activity, hurricane/typhoon winds, tsunami, terrorism or military threats—or the financial risk that comes with managing complexity—we deliver confidence in the face of uncertainty. We contribute to a broad variety of public and private projects—from renovating existing buildings to designing new structures big and small. From the simplest of projects to the most complex we always challenge ourselves to look out for the client’s interests throughout a project’s design and construction.

We provide full-service structural engineering services and forensic consulting to clients throughout the United States, Caribbean, Oceania, Asia, India and the Middle East.

We Reduce Physical and Financial Risk

We pride ourselves on our problem-solving acumen and we take pride in the constructability of our designs, even if they might sometimes seem unconventional from an engineering standpoint. We enjoy engineering problems of every stripe, turning creative solutions into practical designs. Exceptionally skilled, we are known for doing a job right the first time—lowering a project’s financial risk in any environment.

Our Engineering Services:

Structural Engineering

  • Feasibility Analysis / Alternative Structural Schemes
  • Schematic Design
  • Final Construction Contract Documents
  • Construction Administration
  • Contractor Assistance

Specialized Engineering Services

  • Protective Design
    • Progressive Collapse Avoidance Analysis
    • Blast Hardening
    • Antiterrorism
  • Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit
  • Tsunami Design
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Value Engineering Studies / Peer Review
  • Structural Analysis using Wind Tunnel Studies
  • PML – Probable Maximum Loss Studies
  • Historic Preservation

Forensic Engineering

  • Condition Surveys
  • Disaster Damage Studies
  • Building Distress Evaluation
  • Insurance / Litigation Support
  • Expert Witness Testimony