This two-story, 50,000 SF office building for Maui County houses the Real Property Tax, Motor Vehicles and Licensing, and Treasury divisions on the first floor and offices for the Development Services Administration of the Department of Public Works, Department of Transportation, Department of Liquor Control, and Maui County Business Resource Center.

The building is constructed of a structural steel gravity frame with special reinforced CMU shear walls at the elevator and stair cores that resist lateral seismic and hurricane forces. The second floor consists of composite WF beams, metal deck and concrete topping while the roof is constructed with an efficient combination of WF beams and open web steel joists supporting metal roof decking. The roof structure is depressed over the central entry lobby space which creates a discontinuity between the roofs for the two main wings of the building. A rigorous diaphragm analysis resulted in the addition of structural steel braces that act as drag struts to maintain roof diaphragm connectivity across the three separate roof structures.

At the second floor the building’s two wings are connected via a narrow walkway open on both sides.  A vibration analysis for the suspended walkway and all the second floor interior spaces was performed.  Special detailing was provided to ensure appropriate floor stiffness for the intended use.