BASE completed preliminary design studies for a major expansion to Max Health Group’s existing medical center located in Saket, in the heart of South Delhi, India. The site is situated in the middle of a congested urban neighborhood and the plans include adding 1,200 beds to the existing 500-bed facility including 300 beds dedicated to oncology. Our work included planning for the addition of a new hospital building while maintaining full access to and operation of the existing facility.

The new building is planned to be over 200 feet tall with 16 floors above grade along with an extensive two-level basement dedicated to parking and back-of-house functions with a total area of new construction approaching 1,000,000 square feet. The project must also accommodate on-site power generation, both solar and emergency generation, along with rain water catchment and waste water treatment. BASE studied several phasing and structural schemes to address the complicated site constraints at the site. These studies were used by Max Health to plan their future expansion.