Competitively awarded design-build of a 72,500 SF Type II aircraft maintenance hangar with high bay spaces, crew and equipment spaces and administrative spaces. Facilities are constructed with features to meet Guam’s severe wind, seismic, and corrosive environmental conditions.

Through value engineering with the prime contractor it was determined that money could be saved by switching to steel fabricated in South Korea. Although the hangar was already completely designed with US shapes (imperial units), BASE quickly redesigned the entire hangar with new Korean (metric) shapes without disrupting the design and construction schedule. The change to Korean steel resulted in cost savings in excess of $750,000.

In addition to being structural engineer of record, BASE also served as Special Inspector of Record and provided building code-required special inspections to confirm that construction was in conformance with approved plans and specifications. This also allowed for seamless coordination between the design and construction of the primary structure.