BASE was formed in 1995 as a full-service structural engineering and forensic consulting firm providing award-winning structural design services for projects throughout the U.S., Asia, and India.

A boutique firm focusing on buildings, we have the resume of larger firms yet provide the personalized service common in smaller firms. Our emphasis on collaboration and innovation to create cost-effective structural solutions to meet the needs of our clients distinguishes us from other engineering firms. The number of successful design-build and value engineering projects, and most importantly, the resulting savings to clients in cost and schedule, are indicative of our attention to cost and constructability.

Our resume includes a vast array of project types ranging from renovation work to million square-foot-plus structures. Our expertise includes designing structures for high seismic and hurricane/typhoon winds in both non-aggressive and corrosive tropical environments.

How are we different?

  • Technology - We pride ourselves with being on the cutting edge of technology, utilizing the latest tools in structural analysis and BIM platforms to deliver designs that take into account safety, economy and constructability.
  • Holistic Engineering - We don’t believe in a silo approach and are very proactive with our project teams in working out structural design solutions keeping the holistic building design and aesthetics in view. We often review multiple solutions with the design team on larger projects to hone in on one that works best for all trades involved.
  • Responsiveness - We are able to respond to changes during design or contractor-requested adjustments during construction in a timely manner. Our offices are strategically located to allow a faster turnaround time by leveraging our resources in multiple time zones.
  • Value-Added Engineering - We consider different structural approaches and construction methods with the goal to determine which system provides our client with the required, or better, level of performance at a reduced cost or shorter construction duration.
  • Builder-Friendly - Our design-build repertoire places us in a unique position of considering the contractor’s preferred approach to produce a synergistic structural design that keeps construction costs lower than our competitors.