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Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


This design-build project involved the major renovation of Bachelor Enlisted Quarters P-594, an existing 17-story reinforced concrete residential building. The structure was altered to provide a total of 156 living units, each housing two enlisted personnel. At completion, the facility created a residential atmosphere as opposed to that of barracks. The contract included analyzing and refitting the existing structure in accordance with Interim Department of Defense Antiterrorism Force Protection (AT/FP) Construction Standards.

Client Benefits

Of particular concern was the mitigation of progressive collapse. Based on the military’s bridging document assessment of the existing building, four areas were identified as possessing a potential for progressive collapse. Through thorough research of the existing drawings and detailed 3-D finite element analysis, our office was able to propose a more economical method of structural strengthening than indicated in the Request for Proposal. This approach freed up money to be used in other more critical areas of the building. Not only did this help enable our client to win the design-build competition, it provided the owner with a best value solution that included enhancements beyond the original requirements.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The project utilized innovative carbon fiber materials to strengthen existing structural members to address multiple renovation requirements. In addition to upgrading the structure to the military’s latest AT/FP standards, the functional layout of the building was enhanced as well. Architectural modifications to room layouts required existing structural walls to be penetrated for new doors and mechanical services. The use of carbon fiber provided to be the most cost-effective and least invasive method of adapting the structure for its upgraded use.