NAVFAC Marianas




Hensel-Phelps Construction Co.


U.S. Naval Base, Guam


This $54 million design-build project consists of a concrete, three-story, 140-room bachelor enlisted quarters measuring approximately 99,500 SF. The building is H-shaped and includes a covered passage between the new structure and the existing BEQ P-23. The structure is constructed of precast concrete walls and floor/roof plank. The floor/roof plank has composite cast-in-place concrete topping designed to act as horizontal diaphragms and resist upward forces from typhoon loading and AT/FP criteria. It is designed in conformance with UFC 4-010-01 requirements for Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) and in conformance with UFC 4-023-03 to avoid progressive collapse.

The structure is also Guam’s first LEED Gold certified building with energy efficient features such as a geo-exchange well, photovoltaic field and solar hot water field.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

BASE’s expertise in high seismic design and the DoD’s progressive collapse avoidance criteria developed a structural design utilizing all precast concrete construction. Close interaction between the design team, contractor and precaster was required to efficiently detail the precast components and connections.

Client Benefits

As the contractor’s first major project in Guam, it was imperative to design a code and RFP compliant structure using precast concrete. The precast concrete system allowed the contractor the ability to have local subcontractors construct a majority of the structure.