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U.S. Naval Compound, Guam


The new school measures approximately 154,000 SF, can accommodate 850 students and includes combined areas for administration, multi-purpose rooms, a gymnasium and an information media center among other support facilities, and separate elementary and middle school educational clusters. The structural system typically consists of precast prestressed concrete double tees or planks with cast in place concrete topping. The majority of the exterior of the building is constructed of cast in place concrete load bearing walls that also act as the structure’s shear walls to resist lateral seismic and wind loads.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The structural design accommodates extreme seismic and typhoon loading required by the RFP, the latter of which combines the worst case factors from the IBC 2003 Building Code (170 mph wind speed exposure category D and Importance Factor = 1.15). Continuous interaction between the design team and contractor was required to ensure that the structure not only met all code criteria but was also constructible within the budget.

Client Benefits

This project was part of a Navy solicitation that also included a new high school at the U.S. Naval Hospital Compound on Guam. Our office went through several rounds of value engineering exercises during the RFP competition in order to assist the contractor in developing a proposal that completed all the work within the Navy’s budget.