Department of the Air Force, Pacific Air Force


Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii


This project entailed a progressive collapse analysis and blast evaluation of the existing historic headquarters building, a three-story reinforced concrete structure with approximately 520,000 SF of office space.

Client Benefits

BASE provided a “one stop shop” to deal with various aspects of this critical facility including:

Blast hardening
Progressive collapse resistance
Seismic/hurricane upgrade
Concrete repair/cathodic protection
Floor strengthening
Structural retrofit within the historic building

The full range of services and continuity provided by BASE greatly simplified the client’s management efforts throughout the many different phases of work.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The progressive collapse analysis conformed to the DoD Progressive Collapse Design Guidance and the blast evaluation considered the extent of damage due to 51 lbs. of TNT at 36 ft. and 79 ft. and 220 lbs. of TNT at 36 ft. and 79 ft. Study included retrofit recommendations and cost estimates for the structure as well as review of blast resistant glazing and security bollards.

In addition, BASE completed an evaluation of the seismic and hurricane resistance of the existing building. This program included confirming rebar layout using ground penetrating radar; soft demolition and material sampling; compressive strength testing of concrete; tensile strength and bond testing of rebar and soil borings. The results of the investigative study were used to help develop a 3-dimensional finite element analysis of the existing building.