Department of Transportation Services, City and County of Honolulu


Anbe, Aruga & Ishizu Architects, Inc.


Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company


Honolulu, Hawaii


Issued as a design-build competition in 2009, the Joint Traffic Management Center (JTMC) will be a new expanded transit facility for bus riders and a management center that integrates city and state traffic control operations. The ground level of the new six-level, 160,500 SF parking structure is utilized as a city bus staging area for the Alapai Transit Center (ATC) and levels two to six of the parking structure consists of vehicle parking for city and emergency management employees.  The ATC’s bus staging area accommodates 16 buses and the parking structure includes 413 stalls.

Client Benefits

The final layout resulted in a savings of over 10% in concrete and reinforcing steel quantities, giving the team a competitive advantage over other offerors. The City & County of Honolulu also benefited from being provided a much more open and airy parking structure that eliminated blind spots and hidden areas that can be a security concern while still meeting all of its functional requirements.  Through team effort on the project we were also able to provide a structure that was 3% more efficient in the use of materials while increasing the total number of vehicles that could be accommodated by 9%. This along with other sustainable efforts resulted in the parking structure to attain a LEED Gold rating.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The design-build RFP included a typical floor plate that was 128 feet wide, with eight shear walls, two stair cores and one elevator core. Working with the design-build team, BASE proposed an alternate floor plate of only 120 feet and strengthened the stair and elevator cores to eliminate the additional eight shear walls. The revised layout also included optimizing the column grid to maximize the repetitive use of formwork.