Hawaii State Department of Health


AM Partners Inc.


Okada Trucking Co.


Honolulu, Hawaii


Structural design of a new one-story, 2,320 SF EMS facility to replace temporary trailer facilities.  This $3 million project provides permanent headquarters for two ambulances and an EMS District Chief.

Client Benefits

The design team delivered an attractive and durable EMS facility within the project’s budget requirements.  Key to this desirable outcome was the selection of a very robust structural system strong enough to meet higher seismic and wind demands of an “essential facility,” but also easily constructible to ensure competitive bids by multiple contractors.  In addition to providing a very durable wall system, both inside and out, CMU load bearing walls solved several construction challenges, such as building adjacent to the property line on a tight urban site.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The project site is a relatively small footprint located on a narrow side street within Honolulu’s crowded urban core.  With this in mind, the selection of a structural system had to consider the tight construction site and small project size to determine an appropriate system that could meet “essential facility” requirements.  The design team selected durable and strong CMU walls supporting a roof framed with structural steel beams and roof deck.