Healthcare Realty Trust


Architects Hawaii Limited


Kiewit Building Group, Inc.


Honolulu, Hawaii


This nine-story medical office building has 127,268 SF of leasable office space and an adjacent eight-story parking structure houses 400 parking stalls for the complex. Both structures are supported on a deep foundation system consisting of drilled piers. The parking structure is constructed utilizing a long-span post-tensioned concrete beam and slab.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The parking structure utilizes specialized parking structure forming systems to speed construction while minimizing tower crane requirements. Experience with this system allowed BASE to understand and apply its adaptability to a very tight footprint that steps down at the top floors due to setback requirements.

Client Benefits

The use of conventional forming systems in a slightly unconventional way provided a cost-effective approach to construction a parking structure with a uniquely small and varying footprint. The ability to use this system also freed up valuable tower crane time needed for construction of the adjacent office building. What could have been an expensive one-off parking structure was constructed at costs similar to larger standard configuration parking decks.