Stanford Carr Development, LLC


RMA Architects, Inc.


Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company


Honolulu, Hawaii


This $70 million, approximately 300,000 SF project consists of a new residential tower, stand-alone 282-stall parking structure and low-rise retail space and townhomes tucked against the parking structure provide product diversity and partially hide the parking structure from the street and an adjacent park. The residential portions consist of 204 rental units, including studio units and one-, two- and three-bedroom units. The 19-story tower contains rental units while two-level townhomes front one side of the five-level parking garage.  The ground floor features commercial space both integrated into the tower and the parking structure.

Client Benefits

Designed as an affordable rental project, this structure utilizes tunnel-form construction for the typical apartment floors to create both a very durable and cost effective unit.  In order to accommodate community-desired retail and meeting space in an active ground floor, detailed structural analysis was used to modify and minimize the tunnel-form walls to open up space for these functions.  The client obtained all of the benefits of an efficient tunnel-form construction in the apartments without losing functionality at the ground floor of the tower.

While not efficient from an engineering design and detailing standpoint, BASE looked at each individual component of this mixed-use development to determine which structural system would be most cost effective, even if it meant designing and melding multiple unique systems into one project.  Design options were discussed and coordinated in a design-assist process to maintain cost effectiveness of the three different structural systems that were ultimately selected.  As a result of this planning, the client obtained the benefits of systems that were optimized for each unique component of this mixed-use project.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The different uses in Halekauwila Place required three unique structural systems. The tower structure utilized efficient cast in place concrete tunnel-form construction for several reasons.  The tunnel-form construction allowed thin six-inch floor slabs that helped reduce cost and meet stringent height restrictions. The tunnel-form walls created very durable concrete partition walls throughout much of the rental units and helped decrease construction duration required for interior partitions.  The parking structure employs an efficient garage beam forming system with 60-ft. spans, optimizing the number of parking stalls and providing better access. The townhomes visually screen the parking structure and use low-rise cold-formed steel construction to provide an economical structural system tailored to its requirements which were very different than the tower and parking structure elements.