City & County of Honolulu, Dept. of Transportation


Architects Hawaii Limited


Watts Constructors


Honolulu, Hawaii


This project is a new three-story, 40,000 SF, $53.6 million multi-agency collaboration to improve traffic management and public safety coordination on Oahu. The JTMC will facilitate coordination among six agencies including transportation services, police, fire, emergency services, and rapid transit.

The adjacent parking structure is for employees of JTMC and the ground level serves as a transit center for bus services.

Client Benefits

BASE was retained as the antiterrorism and blast consultant for the project.  We provided the Client with a secure and much more resilient facility than required by the standard building code provisions.

The additional security measures were implemented without creating a “fortress” or “bunker-like” facility so that it is still inviting to the community.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

BASE provided antiterrorism, blast and progressive collapse avoidance design services for this project.  Although the new JTMC is not a military facility, the Department of Defense (DoD) standard UFC 4-010-01, DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings, was used as a general guideline for antiterrorism design.  The overall intent of UFC 4-010-01 is to limit mass casualties in a terrorist event by providing a minimum level of protection. To achieve this goal, the primary design strategies employed were to 1) maximize standoff distance between the facility and potential threats, 2) prevent progressive collapse of the primary structure and 3) minimize the hazards associated with flying debris (e.g. glazing) during an explosive event.  The intent of the antiterrorism design was to provide a low level of protection for the facility consistent with the provisions of UFC 4-010-01.