Armstrong Kai Lani Corporation


Group 70 International, Inc.


Armstrong Builders, Ltd.


Ko Olina, Hawaii


This 116-unit, $45,000,000 oceanfront development includes 169,000 sq. ft. of space within 29 two-story four-plex residential buildings.

Client Benefits

One goal of the project was to create a prototype building layout that would obtain cost and speed of construction benefits through repetition in the primary systems. Achieving this goal meant avoiding the creation of a bland community that appeared repetitive. Alternate structural designs for relatively small portions of the prototype building allowed for several different architectural layouts, roof configurations and interior floor plans that provided the client with a variety of unique products for the ocean front resort.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The structures incorporated a light gauge steel and wood framing system referred to as a “hybrid” system. This combination provided the durability of steel walls with the feel of a wood framed floor. In order to accommodate different ownership between floors, the floor framing was specifically engineered to minimize floor deflections and inter-unit acoustical and vibration transmission.