University of Hawaii


AM Partners, Inc.


Bodell Construction Company


Lihue, Kauai


The Kauai Community College One-Stop Center is a two-story 40,000 SF administration and classroom building. Phase I of the center includes space for student services, the University Center and business operations. Phase II is adjacent to Phase I and provides a permanent facility for classrooms for the Office of Continuing Education and training and the campus bookstore.

Client Benefits

The completed project creates an inviting and dynamic space that will enhance the interaction of students with the campus. In working with the architect to create a framework for the building, the team was also able to address the cost and schedule requirements.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The architectural and functional expression included high sloping roofs that created large volume space, especially within the center two-story entry gallery. The unique building shape and tall spaces lent itself to structural steel framing but required significant detailing for a variety of different connections required to create the building form. Knowledge gained through our extensive work in design-build steel framing provide valuable in designing and detailing this building.