NAVFAC Pacific


dck pacific construction, LLC


West Loch, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


BASE was the designer of record for this design-build project that included the construction of five standard type “C” earth covered, box magazines of cast-in-place reinforced concrete. Supporting facilities include access roads, concrete apron, interior lighting and power, exterior security lighting, grounding, building lightning protection, building electrical service, site secondary electrical distribution and fire hydrants.

Client Benefits

Because of past collaboration on the design-build of the MILCON Munitions Storage Igloos project in Guam, BASE acted as designer of record for this project. The predominately structural nature of the work made this arrangement more efficient for the design-build team and for interactions with the Navy.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

BASE’s past experience in designing munitions storage igloos in Guam was valuable in winning this project. The munitions igloo project in Guam was based on the Standard 7 bar, Box-Type (Hayman Igloo). However, BASE found the design deficient and updated it to meet current military standards for the most extreme typhoon and earthquake loading worldwide. The knowledge gained in Guam and the successful outcome of the project transferred seamlessly to this project.