County of Hawaii


AM Partners Inc.


Jacobsen Construction Co.


Pahoa, Hawaii


Structural design of a new police substation of approximately 8,300 SF. The facility includes additional large and two single holding cells. The facility employs “essential facility” hardening for undisrupted service during and after hurricane and seismic forces.

Client Benefits

The design team delivered an attractive and durable police substation within project budget requirements.  The structural system, locally sourced and constructed, was able to meet the island's high seismic and wind requirements along with its “essential facility” and law enforcement functional requirements.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The town of Pahoa, with a population of only 945, is located in a remote area on the far east side of the Island of Hawaii.  With this in mind the selection of a structural system had to consider what labor pool and construction materials would be most appropriate while still being able to meet “essential facility” hardening.  The design team selected durable and strong CMU walls supporting a roof framed with light gauge steel trusses manufactured on-island.  Where hardened ceilings were required, composite metal and concrete deck was anchored on top of interior CMU walls.