Public Storage, Inc.


Sueda & Associates Inc., AIA


Swinerton Builders


Honolulu, Hawaii


This project consists of the structural design of a new six-story self-storage facility. The project consists of roughly 192,000 SF of “built” space with the floors reducing in size from 38,000 SF at the ground floor to 16,000 SF at the sixth floor.

Client Benefits

The owner was able to construct an economical structure quicker than several competitors who were building similar storage facilities. Not only was the owner able to generate revenue earlier, the earlier completion allowed them to gain a larger market share in the self-storage business as early occupancy is a key strategy to not only gaining market share but maintaining it as well.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

BASE’s strong design-build skills combined with construction contacts allowed the evaluation of several structural schemes to match the final value requirements of the client. The scheme ultimately selected was a structural steel frame with CMU bearing and fire-rated walls at the property line separating the site from neighboring properties. The scheme was not the most cost-effective structure but was the best value as its shorter construction duration allowed the owner to start generating revenue earlier, which outweighed the initial cost difference.

BASE worked with a local geotechnical engineer to develop a raft foundation system that would be quicker and more cost-effective to build while providing the same client-desired performance.