MW Group Ltd./Sound Health Management


Wattenbarger Architects, LLC


Sound Building Systems Hawaii, Inc.


Honolulu, Hawaii


The Plaza at Moanalua is a 134 unit multi-story, 89,961 SF residential care facility with an additional 17,358 SF of basement parking and service area. This residence provides quality independent, assisted living, and memory care services. The structure consists of structural steel composite floors with light gage truss roof system. It is designed for high seismic and tropical wind exposure utilizing a combination of structural steel diagonal braces and concrete shear walls for lateral stiffness.

The Plaza at Moanalua opened to residents in November 2012.

Client Benefits

BASE worked closely with the team, including the Owner, Developer, Contractor, and design team during each stage of the design to develop a structural system that was cost-effective, easily constructible and was well coordinated with all disciplines. The 3-D analysis model was shared between the steel design, fabrication and erection teams helping to ensure that the steel structure was completed within budget and detailed to facilitate the erection.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

BASE utilized the SMARTBEAM®, which are cellular wide flange beams with round holes throughout. The SMARTBEAM® is lightweight and has superior load/deflection characteristics. This system not only decreases the steel weight and overall construction cost, but also allows the ability to readily place mechanical ducts, plumbing, and electrical conduit through the floor system minimizing construction conflicts with the other building systems.

In order to keep the overall building weight to a minimum and decrease the concrete cost, the composite concrete slab was placed with the UltraFiber 500® cellulose fiber concrete additive. This allowed for a 3 ¾” thick normal weight concrete topping in lieu of a 4 ½” normal weight concrete topping and still met the required fire-rated floor system. An added benefit to the addition of UltraFiber 500® resulted in very minimal concrete temperature and shrinkage cracking.