MW Group, Ltd.


Kober Hanssen Mitchell Architects


Nordic Construction


Honolulu, Hawaii


Roughly 150,000 SF of “built” space at approximately 39,000 SF per floor. The ground floor needed to accommodate an open floor plan for parking, circulation and larger storage areas. The levels above, however, consisted of closely spaced load bearing storage unit walls. The project includes insulated metal panel walls at the building’s exterior and a structural steel podium above the ground floor and storage framing at the three levels above.

Client Benefits

A structural steel podium system allows required parking and large area storage requirements to be accommodated in a cost-effective system. The client was able to use a cost-effective self-storage framing systems typically only used on at-grade applications.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

The tight site constraints required a design that could accommodate both open parking at the ground level with dense storage in three levels above. BASE’s understanding of both light gage load-bearing self-storage framing systems and podium style construction used in residential projects allowed the development of a hybrid structural steel podium/light gauge steel storage system that met the requirements of the tight site.