Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


Architects Hawaii Limited


dck pacific construction, LLC


Honolulu, Hawaii


This unique project was Wal-Mart’s first “stacked” two-story store combining a Sam’s Club above a Walmart. This project features almost 1,000,000 SF of total construction including 400,000 SF of retail and support space, plus the adjacent four-story, 1,700 stall parking structure. From the beginning, Wal-Mart emphasized the project directive – to provide a retail store that is economical to build and will allow savings to be passed on to customers. BASE presented several structural framing configurations to the client, allowing them to evaluate the tradeoffs between functionality and cost.

The Science and Design of Structural Engineering

In the middle of erecting the steel structure, Wal-Mart decided to significantly increase storage capacity at Sam’s Club. Several schemes were evaluated to provide a quick and cost-effective upgrade that could be completed without delaying the store opening. Conventional upgrade methods were compared to an innovative use of partially restrained moment connections. Evaluation of cost and time requirements justified the partially restrained connections, resulting in a stiffer as well as stronger floor system.

Client Benefits

At approximately $65 per square foot, this economic structure attests to the success of the design-build process. The successful upgrade also allows Sam’s Club to stock twice as much product as their typical store. Moreover, this project was completed within a very tight construction schedule.

“[BASE’s] designs were efficient and construction friendly. [They] maintained a clear understanding of construction means and methods allowing it to successfully work with our superintendents, engineers and structural subcontractors. [BASE] had a keen sense of awareness of the project’s aggressive fast-track schedule providing timely resolutions to structural RFI’s on this design/build project.”
- Eric Perez, Project Manager, dck pacific construction, LLC